Free Home page template. You can use on your personal and commercial sites distribute freely or with charge. A png source file is
included so you can make changes as you like. It's free but I need noting more than a link back to us with caption like
"sponsored by CMXD" , or "powered by CMXD" etc. Enjoy!!!

I haven't know in which category it will fall but have designed. enough !!

Instructions :
The png source file is for macromedia Fireworks 4.1 something.
Replace the logo by your with 256 colors transparent gif format.
Replace the text by editing it. just double click on it and now you can edit.
Click on enter button and convert it into button by pressing F8.
and then by double clicking you can add hyperlink, this can you
also do in your html editor like Ms Front page or Dreamweaver etc.
when exporting from fireworks select format=gif with Palette=Adaptive
loss=0, color=256, dither=100% and Alpha transparency. After that
follow the instructions or choose options from program. That's it.

Author : Sajjad Tufail - CMXD

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